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Letter to Our Patients

Dear Expectant Mother:

This prenatal packet contains specially selected information designed for you to read and refer to throughout your 40 weeks of pregnancy. The material is intended as a guideline to help you understand and enjoy your pregnancy. We hope that this will encourage you to ask questions. Please read all materials. The California Screening Program booklet printed by the State of California contains important information regarding the Full Integrated Screening. You will need to read this booklet in order for you to make an informed decision about genetic testing.

If you wish to contact us, we are available through our office telephone number (951) 677-4748. If we are not available at the office, the answering service will locate us to return your emergency calls. This telephone number is answered day or night, holidays and weekends. Should Dr. Elfelt, Dr. Yang, Dr. Lebo, or Dr. Hayton be unavailable as a result of illness, vacation, or attendance at a medical conference, another physician whom we personally selected will care for you.

During the first 30 weeks of your pregnancy, your prenatal appointments will be scheduled in four-week intervals. We will see you every two weeks during the period from 30 weeks to 36 weeks and then every week during the last 36 to 40-week period.

We urge you to keep appointments faithfully. If you are unable to keep an appointment, please contact our office at least 24 hours prior to your appointment time to reschedule a new appointment. It is an established fact that good prenatal care contributes to the optimum health of both mother and infant. Your appointments should be scheduled when baby-sitting arrangements can be made for your other children. This is in compliance with the Public Health Department ruling to protect all women of childbearing age against communicable diseases, including Rubella, which can cause serious birth defects. Please call the office prior to your appointment if you have flu-like symptoms or elevated temperature. We encourage fathers to attend appointments for prenatal visits and to feel free to discuss problems or ask questions.

For your information and reading pleasure, we recommend a book entitled, “What to Expect When You’re Expecting,” by Eisenberg, Murkoff and Hathaway. Information about childbirth preparation classes is available through Southwest Healthcare Systems (Rancho Springs and Inland Valley Hospitals). These classes offer early prenatal education. We recommend that you sign up for these classes as soon as possible.

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